new use for used plastics


Giving plastics with a past a future

We are De Paauw Sustainable Resources. We are giving plastics with a past a future. That is a challenge, its top sport and it is teamwork! As a team we have the ambition to contribute to making companies, brands or products more sustainable by changing plastics use or habits, and innovating and stimulating the re-use of plastic waste. Therefore: New use for use plastics!


One man’s waste is the other man’s valuable raw material. Thanks to our many years of experience we have an enormous knowledge of materials, its supply in waste flows and the demand for raw materials in the plastics industry. Knowledge we apply smartly.

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When new types of plastic waste are offered to us, we always look for the chemical properties, possible applications, techniques and markets. An extensive project team of employees, such as a laboratory technician, production experts, buyers and sales staff, is deployed in this search.

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A healthy curiosity coupled with the urge to make plastic products better, smarter and more sustainable is often the starting point for new developments. We have wondered how we can go beyond just recycling plastic waste? By closing the loop.

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Plastic plays an important role in our society and in our lives. That is obvious. And we all participate. Sometimes consciously, but much more often unconsciously. Privately and in business. Plastic as a total product or as part of another product. As packaging or as an end product. And new plastics are continued to be produced from oil. While this can also be done differently. And as far as we are concerned, it must be done differently. At De Paauw we see used plastic as a source for new applications and products.

A source of inspiration or a source for the development of sustainable raw materials. As a team, we want to be the connecting link in the chain and make a difference. For various recycling and sustainability issues, as a real family business with an entrepreneurial character, a worldwide network, roots in Holland and a great team of specialists, together with our customers and cooperation partners

Used plastic as source

New plastic starts from the source being crude oil. From this crude oil products like petroleum, gas and petrol (nafta) are produced in a refinery. The nafta is the base for the production of new plastics such as ethylene and propylene. For the production of 1 kg new plastic approximately 20 kg of crude oil is used.

The CO2 emission due to this production is substantial which of course is damaging our environment. And this is absolutely unnecessary! We choose recycling and use existing plastics as a source for new plastics. This results in less plastic waste in the environment, less oil use and less CO2 emission.

Savings in numbers:

We produce 800.000 kg regranulate every week, that is the raw material for plastics made from plastics waste. That saves more than 1 million kg CO2 every week! So 50 million kg CO2 saved a year! Every year! This CO2 saving equals the annual CO2 storage by 2.5 million trees. That equals a forest the size of 4167 football pitches.


As a team, we have the ambition to contribute to making companies, brands or products more sustainable by changing plastic use or habits, and innovating and stimulating the re-use of plastic waste. There is enough plastic waste in the world to meet the need for raw materials for plastic products. That is why we choose: New use for used plastics!

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle…. Reward. If we all deal more consciously with plastic products, with the collection of waste flows and require producers to use recycled raw materials, then the Reward will come. And if that happens the environment wins, and with that we all win.