When new types of plastic waste are offered to us, we always look for the chemical properties, possible applications, techniques and markets. An extensive project team of employees, such as a laboratory technician, production experts, buyers and sales staff, is deployed in this search.

Can we successfully recycle the offered material into a raw material that is valuable to a potential customer? That is the question. And we always find an answer to that question!

Or a customer comes to us with a product that they currently produce from new raw material. The question then is whether we can develop a recipe that makes it possible to make that product from our recycled material in future?

Then also we will search with the project team. The lab technician develops the recipe with the production expert based on the input streams that the purchaser can find. An extensive test phase is held in close cooperation with the customer until the right recipe is found!

Paint buckets from 100% recycled plastic waste

At the request of a major bucket manufacturer, we have developed a regranulate that is made entirely from recycled plastic waste, which the bucket manufacturer turns into a paint bucket for a national chain of construction markets.

A successful product development with an innovative customer.

Shrink covers

Until recently, shrink covers were made exclusively from 100% virgin (= new) material. We thought it should be possible to do it otherwise.

We started working on this and developed a regranulate from waste shrink covers that can serve as the basis for new shrink covers. The result is so good that the shrink covers made of 100% regranulate meet the quality requirements.

Circular crates

At the request of a large crate producer, we have developed a regranulate that is made entirely from recycled plastic waste from which they can produce crates for for example beer and soft drinks. This was an extra challenge for the lab because they had to develop a regranulate that is extra strong and durable.

The crates must be able to withstand quite a bit of weight, be able to be used multiple times and be robust. Together with the producer, we have succeeded in developing the suitable regranulate and producing it successfully.