The way in which we view (plastic) waste is gaining momentum under the influence of the social debate. With the help of new technological developments and collection initiatives, we can recycle waste better, smarter and more efficiently in order to contribute to sustainable innovation.

It is no longer necessary to use oil to produce new plastic if we no longer see plastic waste as a problem but as a solution, as a source of inspiration and raw material for new products. We believe in that. In fact, we have made it our mission.

Roy de Paauw


It is often said that waste is a problem. Others say the way humans deal with it is the problem. We have turned it around for plastic waste: it’s not the problem, it’s the solution. We are convinced of this and we are convincing more and more suppliers and customers of this. We work closely with them on solutions for using the leftovers of the one as raw materials for the other. This can be at product level, but also in brainstorming about and setting up joint projects and partnerships. We want to be a sustainable partner for those who consciously choose the circular solution with us.

All this cannot be done without investing in innovation and research & development. A healthy curiosity about new possibilities and techniques is part of our DNA. Just like chefs in a star restaurant, our experienced laboratory employees are constantly developing recipes based on available ingredients. We will continue to drive and stimulate this development.