The waste stream for one person can be a valuable raw material for another. Thanks to our many years of experience we have a lot of knowledge of materials, of the supply of waste and of the demand for raw materials in the plastics industry.

Knowledge that we use intelligently by connecting supply and demand, locally but also worldwide.

Locally, by recycling plastic waste ourselves in our factories into high-quality regranulate, the raw material for the plastics industry.

For plastic waste for which there is (still) insufficient recycling capacity in Europe, we have a carefully selected and certified network of recyclers all over the world with whom we work together so that no kilogram of waste needs to be lost.


We produce our high-quality regranulate tailor-made for our customers according to specific requirements in terms of properties and colour. To this end, we develop the most optimal and efficient recipe together with our customers so that we can produce and deliver the regranulate in the desired quality time and time again.

We specialize in PP (Polypropylene) LDPE (Low density polyethylene) HDPE (High density polyethylene) and SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) regranulates.

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In our modern recycling plants, hard plastics are shredded, grinded and washed if necessary. The different types are suitable for the production of regranulates, but can also be used directly in the production of certain plastic products. We process many different types of plastics, both the reasonably standard polymers such as PP and HDPE, but also a wide variety of technical plastics.

Our team will be happy to inform you about our purchase and sales options.


We offer a solution for plastic waste from different European countries by selling it in our worldwide network of renowned and reliable recyclers. Our long-term relationships with European suppliers are based on mutual respect and our conscious choice for responsible and sustainable business. This gives us a solid foundation for our input streams.

We've been selling plastic waste around the world for decades, and we're good at it! For example, we were the first European exporter to support our customers in Southeast Asia in the professionalization of their processes, resulting in them being audited and certified.

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